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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 2 : Local News

Animal abuse video on Facebook

This 15 minute viral video showing dog abuse happening right in our own country has caused an international commotion. With tons of people voicing out against the culprits through the media, organizations and the authorities; to impose action against the 2 suspects that appeared in the video.There had been allegedly 15 police reports had been lodged against the two persons that are possibly involved in the dog abuse case.The SPCA (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) from both Malaysia and Singapore are thoroughly hunting down the animal abusers.The public has also expressed their utter disgust in what has happened through Facebook, Twitter and various blogs. With this case, the people are now more aware and conscious about animal welfare and well-being; with more organizations giving a helping hand towards the concern of animal abuse.

I personally watched the video myself and I honestly could not believe my eyes. I always believed that every human being loves animals; and that they just hate pests. In the eyes of the public, stray dogs have always been a nuisance to them; with concerns of viral diseases, hygienic issues and also with the Islam teachings, where a dog is said to be unclean/impure. Honestly, for me to see a house pet be treated that way it was just too much. I couldn't even watch the whole video as i was disgusted; wondering what kind of human being would do such a thing for their own amusement. 

I would say this is another lesson for everyone; as the trend now is to "Go Green" because of the decline of nature due to our own actions, we should take God's gifts to us more seriously and act accordingly.What if dogs were the ones who were to abuse you? Food for thought.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 1: International News

Floods in Australia

Australia hit by one of the worst floods it’s seen since 1993. The flood, which happened not long ago is still one of the most enticing global news at this moment. In Brisbane, for weeks, the flooding in eastern Australia has been a slow-motion disaster.The flooding, blamed on rains triggered by a La Nina weather pattern in the Pacific has devastated huge areas of Australia's eastern seaboard, flooded parts of Brisbane, the nation's third-largest city, shut vital coal mines and rail lines, and destroyed crops.The floods have devastated Queensland and Victoria the most. In Queensland, the estimated death toll has reached to about 33 people with 20 people reported dead this month, while another 9 people are believed to be missing. More than 6000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes.

Rebuilding estimates from banks and economists have mostly ranged from around A$3 billion to A$10 billion, but illustrating the uncertainty ANZ bank warned it could come in at close to double that when floodwaters subsided and the full scale of the devastation became clear. "The Queensland Premier's statement that 28,000 homes will need to be rebuilt will alone come at a cost of around A$8bn on our estimates, suggesting the total rebuild effort could be in the order of A$20bn," the bank said in a research note.

In wake of Australia's devastating floods, talk show host Oprah Winfrey has renewed calls for donations to help those affected by the disaster. She told her viewers, "(I'm sending my) thoughts and prayers to our Aussie friends in southern Queensland... It is the worst flooding they have experienced in over a century... Our hearts continue to go out to the victims and their families.... We know Aussies are strong and resilient and are already starting to recover." Stars including Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia and Mandy Moore have led calls for donations to the flood relief efforts to help fund the massive clean-up operation. 

We should do our part by trying to donate to the foundations supporting the flood victims in Australia; even if it may, a small contribution. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the flood victims from all over the world, and as we look to a better tomorrow. 

"Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you." ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Wishing he could be of more help,

Week 1: Local News

Muslims to be banned from working in outlets that serve liquor?

From a personal observation, the news that dominated the local news would be the issue of Muslims working in outlets selling liquor. The Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) had declared that they will be enforcing the condition on outlets that possess liquor licenses. They stated that they are to ban Muslims from working at entertainment outlets that serve liquor. As stated in the newspapers, the council is facing a lot of pressure to rescind the controversial ruling. Ronnie Liu, the state local government chairman however, had proposed to oppose this new condition. He had advised the MPSJ president to withdraw the condition thinking that this move would affect the many Muslims who are working in the entertainment outlets. This decision would lead to a unemployment for a lot of people and also, the shutting down of those outlets.

This discussion had continued for nearly a week and many people stood up to give their opinions. One of the expositions stated by Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen; “It is an important issue as it touches on human rights and a person’s livelihood." On the 18th January 2011, Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim stated to the media that the move is only a guideline; not a ruling, and that there was no by-law in the state that prevented Muslims from working in outlets serving alcohol. Apparently the ban announced by MPSJ was to act as a reminder to Muslims on the inappropriateness of working in entertainment outlets that handle alcohol. Two days later, the Selangor Govern­ment stated that they were to offer RM10mil to assist Muslims that quit their jobs and consider non-halal jobs so they can choose an alternative career path.

My personal opinion would be that the foundation on which this movement was started is a moral and rational one. I think it is a good move; in the balance of the pros and cons of this condition, I find it beneficial for our Malaysian society and culture whereby the values and morals we hold on to are always practiced, even in the work place. Also, I think that the move from the Selangor Government is a good start, trying to help the problem with the RM10mil in funding so that Muslims will choose for a better career path. From a non-muslim point of view, I think that this matter should be taken seriously.Yes, there isn't a law forbidding Muslims not to do so, but i suggest that if this matter is taken seriously, to construct a law; a Syariah Law in this case to cement the condition and so that the law has to be obeyed by the people. My suggestion being with good intentions and not from a racist point of view, but the fact that we are an Islam country and with all the world trying to poke around in other peoples governments, this would set a good example to fellow Islam countries and also, the world. I don't expect this to have an immediate effect, but employers should take the first step by reducing the employment of muslims in such places to avoid further controversy. 

That's my point of view, What's yours?

Till next time,

My Political Compass

What was your political compass like?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who Am I as a Consumer of Information

During my early existence as a child I was very much exposed to a lot of things because I had a very open minded family. I pretty much had very little restrictions to the things I could listen to or watch. Being a kid, my two brothers and I loved watching such epic shows such as Pinky and the Brain, Roadrunner, The Adams Family, Power Rangers, Pokemon, Digimon, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), et cetera. Also, ever since I was really young, (the saying like father like son) I was always a movie junkie, just like my Dad. Tapes, Laser Discs, VCD’s, DVD’s; the forms of mediums a movie could be watched back then. Action movies, Comedy, Cartoons, Musicals, Thrillers, Animations, and tons of other film genres that I have failed to mention was just a daily routine for me. The only thing my mum would keep tabs on would be movies that had nude scenes in it (Haven’t hit puberty just yet). She would usually sit down and watch movies with us and if there were any scenes she’d find inappropriate, she’d cover our eyes with pillows; asking dad to fast forward to the next scene.
 I would say that I am quite lucky because I was exposed to the world at a very young age (even though I don’t have a great memory of my childhood). I used to travel since I was 2 years old (London, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, etc.) and was exposed to the world we live in; seeing a lot of different cultures and different people. Also the differences of the places we live in, compared to others.
One of the main cultures perhaps that opened my eyes was Music. Till now, it is still plays a very important part in my life. My dad, also a big music fan, exposed me to such musical inspirations such as Deep Purple, The Eagles, Police, The Beatles, Santana, Metallica, Bob Marley, The Gypsy Kings and countless of other singers and bands that have really opened my eyes with the different lyrics they write and sing, the different music genres they play, and the emotions they put in each song. I am a contrasted person when it comes to music, having a bit of a musical background myself. I enjoyed being exposed to tons of music because at my age now, I enjoy Christian songs, as I do Death metal. I love listening to Rock (Yes, I’m a rocker), as I also love listening to Reggae. You get what I mean right?
            I was born into a Catholic family, being baptized at birth. Much of the things that we were allowed to do in life we’re mostly based on the guidelines of my faith. Since I was a kid, I admit that I am always the rebel; trying to go against other people and against other things. After the passing of my mother at age 11, I was out of control (My dad being a man with pride just couldn’t bear taking care of us monsters). Yes, I managed to score A’s in my exams (Being a bright student since young; not to brag) but from then on I had to be independent and I had complete control over what I exposed myself to. Played online games, involved myself in a rock band, started working since I was 13, experimented with alcohol since age 13, ventured into network marketing, got into a communications college
(One of the main skills I excel in) and tons of other things that I had exposed myself to. I am not much a holy person, but I still am connected to my faith.  My transition from every stage of my life has been interesting, but now I’d like to think that I have a much broader perspective in life; having been very much exposed to the world.

Yours truly ,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Telling a story.

the power of telling a story    

If you had a story to tell,
How would you tell your  Story ?